About DATF



The Northport-East Northport Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force (DATF) was established in 2006 when the school board, led by trustee Rob Ingraham, called upon the community to address its devastation and loss of life as a result the drug epidemic. This yielded a coalition that has expanded to include educators, counselors, parents, healthcare providers and other community members.


Our mission is to prevent and reduce the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol among our youth by using a comprehensive approach to engage and educate children, parents, and community members.


* Inform the public about alcohol and other drug-related issues.
* Promote alternative activities for youth in order to reduce risk factors.
* Provide information and referral to community resources.
* Identify needs and find ways to meet those needs and coordinate appropriate services.

CDC-DFC Drug Free Community Grant

In 2016, DATF partnered with CN Guidance & Counseling Services to obtain a five-year, federally funded SAMHSA Drug Free Community grant. This grant allows DATF to carry out its mission to prevent and reduce the use of drugs and alcohol within our youth population.

CN Guidance is a fiscal partner for our community, as both its CEO Jeffrey Friedman and Division Director Mary Silberstein live in the community. To learn more about CN Guidance - please visit www.cnguidance.org