Youth Coalition

1LIFE: Learn, Inspire, Fulfill, Empower

1LIFE is the Northport-East Northport Drug and Alcohol Task Force Youth Coalition. We are a group of Northport High School students dedicated to making our community a healthier, happier place by raising awareness about drug and alcohol use and mental health. From our annual Wellness Week in the spring to October’s Color Run, we work hard to further our mission to learn, inspire, fulfill and empower within the community, and with people of all ages. — Maya Jordan, Northport High School student


Wellness Week
Mental Health Awareness Day
Digital Citizenship Workshop for fifth graders
Sunday Self-Care Swap
Coping Skills Retreat
Annual Beach Clean Up / Environmental Scan
Medication Collections, hosted by the Northport-East Northport Libraries
April’s Alcohol Awareness Month Social Media Campaign
Vaping PSA and district-wide Middle School competition
Art of Empathy (workshop), presented by Huntington Drug & Alcohol Counseling Center
Managing Your Emotions in the Digital World, presented by Lisa Ganz, LCSW
Pizza Party for Social Change
Interview with Linda Ventura from the Thomas Hope Foundation

Community Partners

We are grateful for all of our school and community partners who are part of making our community a happy, healthy place!

Youth Alternatives and Directives
The Berger Family
Northport and East Northport Libraries
Stony Brook University Center for Outreach and Prevention, Red Watch Band
Huntington Drug & Alcohol Counseling Center
Long Island Buddy Club
Thomas Hope Foundation

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