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Welcome to the Parents Resource page:

Loving someone who has an addiction can be both heartbreaking and exhausting.  Family members suffer just as much mentally, emotionally and physically as the person with the addiction.  Addiction is a “family dis-ease”.  We are here to help you on the road to recovery. Here is a list of resources to get started with along the healing path.  If you need to speak to someone further, you can contact us at 516-361-6540.

#420 International Weed Day Resources

General Information

Family Activities

The simple, little things you do with your kids make a big difference. Activities like enjoying a meal or playing a game together create strong, healthy relationships that can prevent future drug use. Here you will find a few fun family activities to enjoy together!

HOTLINES: free, anonymous and confidential telephone supports, available 24/7

Response Crisis Hotline: 631-751-7500
LICADD Substance Abuse Hotline: 631-979-1700
Talbot House, Substance Abuse Crisis: 631-589-4144
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
NYS HOPEline: 1-877-846-7369
Huntington Hotline: 631-549-8700

Local Counseling Resources

Youth Directions and Alternatives (YDA): 631-261-7901
Huntington Drug and Alcohol: 631-271-3591
Huntington Sanctuary Project: 631-271-2183
Gooding Wellness: 631-351-2940

*If you are treatment provider interested in having your contact information posted here, please contact

Substance Abuse Treatment Resources

What is Substance Abuse Treatment?
Directory of Behavioral Health Services – Suffolk County
SAMHSA Treatment Locator
Alcoholics Anonymous
Long Island Committee of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous
Addiction Group

For Families

Alcohol Awareness Month Resources

Law Enforcement Resources