“Wellness Week” @ Northport High School

Wellness week is coordinated by our 1LIFE students at the High School.
They work really  hard contributing to creating and Implenting programs for all students.  This year 1600 students attended and 237 faculty.
Some of the programs included:  Mindfulness, Healing Arts, Yoga, Dancing,
Pet Therapy and a relaxation Craft.

Environmental Scans with 1LIFE

An Environmental scanning is a process that systematically surveys and interprets relevant data that our 1Life students collet at the beach cleanup 2x’s per year.  This year they found items that were relevant to alcohol, vaping, tobacco and trash.  The scan helps to identify external opportunities and threats that could influence future decisions that
the Northport / East Northport Community Drug & Alcohol use to develop
much needed education and prevention in our community.

Active Parenting

Active Parenting is an evidence-based parent education program that provides the skills needed to use effective discipline, teach responsibility, and communicate with your children. Additionally, each session shows parents how to handle sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality, and violence.